Our solutions aim at providing Application Lifecycle Management for BI. Roughly we can divide the functional area’s into 3 stages:

  • Development
  • Migration
  • Analyses

In Development we provide support for collaboration, version control, release management, dependency overviews and various standard and custom analyses. Our Metadata database is open to your BI tool and besides the Analyses reports that we provide you can create your own based on the Data model that we provide you with.

Our Migration solution enforces working in separate environments. The minimum configuration requires a Development and Production environment but we advice you to always include a Test or User Acceptance environment in between. For each environment a Custom Workflow can be defined containing all the steps that need to be signed of before the next stage can be accessed.

The Analyses module is actually the backbone of the entire solution. It enables Developers to visualize differences between 2 versions of a QlikView Dashboard, BusinessObjects Universe or Report and it enables them to determine the impact of a change. This makes it possible to scope the test project reducing the required time and focussing on the changes made to the specific BI artifact.

Below is a list of functions and features that our solutions provide. If you have any detailed question feel free to contact our Technical Team.

Ask our team

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