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Platform Manager for Qlik Sense


Version Control, Deployment and Governance are important topics when using BI tools in general. For Qlik Sense there is a solution: Platform Manager. In short Platform Manager provides:

  • Integrated Version Control with ability to use the Qlik Sense MyWork stream as your workspace
  • Simple Deployment to all of your Qlik Sense servers
  • Customizable Workflow/Checklist with built-in authorization
  • Difference Analyses reports
  • Ability to change Library connections during Deployment of your Qlik Sense apps
  • Data Lineage visualizes all dependencies of your Qlik Sense apps

For more information you can ask for a demo recording or attend one of our bi-weekly live demos!

Platform Manager organizes and Streamlines development of Qlik Sense apps and stimulates collaboration between developers. Platform Manager enforces your Development and Promotion process resulting in less mistakes. Qlik Sense servers are automatically synchronized by Platform Manager making the latest versions of the Qlik Sense app directly accessible to testers and Business users. Dependencies with QVD’s, Excel sheets or Text files are immediately visible to everyone.  Restoring a previous dashboard version or entire release including dependencies takes a single click.


Platform Managers Data Lineage shows the entire stack of dependencies between QVD’s or other data files and all different levels of Qlik Sense app’s your company might have. This makes it easy to determine the impact of changing one of the links in the entire chain of QVD’s and QVF’s.

Qlik Sense Developers and Testers benefit from the Difference Analyses that gives them insight in their own changes as well as changes made by other developers or even by other companies. Knowing that a script has changed makes testers look more closely if the data presented is still correct and reliable! Platform Manager provides an easy way to differentiate between the changes made by your staff and changes made by partners.

Making every change traceable to who, when and what, Platform Manager ensures compliance with government and enterprise regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and Basel III. For auditing purposes, it is an invaluable tool to have the complete life-cycle information archived for every QlikView and Qlik Sense application that ever existed.

Qlik Sense Governance

Each BI Solution eventually consists of 2 major components:

  • Data
  • BI Dashboard

While Data governance is often covered with 3rd party products, application governance is hardly ever really handled at all. Of course this is a relatively new market, but the results of your BI Dashboards are for a large part based on expressions, scripts, calculations that are created by Qlik Sense Developers. What mechanism do you have in place to guarantee quality, to check consistency and to enforce your Business Rules? How do you ensure the latest version has been fully tested before it’s being made available to your business users? Wouldn’t the lack of all these features constitute a big gap in your quality control procedures?

Just have a quick look into what Platform Manager can do to help you.


Some features of Platform Manager for Qlik Sense

  • Compare 2 dashboards versions
  • Visualize dependencies
  • Build Releases including dependencies
  • Web Based easy to use interface
  • Search metadata across all Qlik Sense apps
  • Change Library connections during deploy
  • Synchronization of Qlik Sense servers
  • Easy Deployment using Auto Promote
  • Integrated Version Control
  • All changes and actions are audited
  • Compare Excel and Text based files
  • Single solution for Qlik Sense and QlikView

Of course Platform Manager has many more features and advantages that are useful and help our Customers with faster development, deployment and controlled migrations. Also the BICC and Service desks of our Clients are able to provide better support to their Business Users.

Want to see more? Check out our brochures or request a Web demo. We’re happy to show you all benefits of Platform Manager for Qlik Sense!

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