//More Intelligence: Platform Manager 3.5 released

More Intelligence: Platform Manager 3.5 released

Last week we released Platform Manager 3.5, our latest solution for BI Application Lifecycle Management supporting Qlik and SAP/BusinessObjects.

The most important change in this release is the way we support migrations from QlikView 11 to QlikView 12.  With the release of this version, Platform Manager now enables you to edit/restore/view QlikView 11 items using a QlikView 12 implementation. This will assist you in your company’s gradual migration from QlikView 11 to QlikView 12.


The Workflow that we used to have has been replaced with the Checklist. This new feature provides various advantages:

  • Ability to use different checklists per environment
  • Ability to implement a default checklist per item type

Whereas the Workflow was a sequential process, the Checklist tasks can be approved in a more random order. This provides more flexibility to users during the approval process.  Each checklist task can be set to mandatory or optional.


When promoting a Release, Platform Manager will try to match the destination paths using the source paths.

Qlik Sense Datasource path validation

Qlik Sense Datasource paths are now validated with a single click (on the “Continue” button). In earlier versions you had to approve the connections for each item separately. This is a more user-friendly way of using this feature which requires less clicks.


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