Change Management
Development teams often consist of multiple disciplines from several companies, maybe even multiple consulting firms. This makes it more difficult to understand who is doing what and more important to get alerters if changes are interfering with each other. Important therefore to have tools that provide more insight, that prevent changes from being overwritten and that enforce certain afspraken. Platform Manager helps developers to keep in control, to gain insight in Development and to identify dependencies.

Dat maakt het steeds lastiger om inzichtelijk te houden wie op welk moment waarmee bezig is. Belangrijk dus om de ontwikkeling goed te organiseren. Platform Manager ondersteunt de samenwerking van ontwikkelteams met Versiebeheer, verschillen analyses en metadata search functionaliteit die helpen om inzicht te verkrijgen en ervoor zorgen dat geen enkele wijziging verloren gaat.


The best Developers are team-players. They understand that success of an application can only be achieved by working together with Testers and Business users to deliver the best applications. If you develop a QlikView or Qlik Sense application, a Business Objects report or universe, it all comes down to what you deliver and how you deliver it. Platform Manager supports your development by providing additional features such as:

  • Visual Difference analyses
  • Impact Analyses
  • Automated Documentation
  • Metadata Search
  • Dependency overview
  • Supporting all file-types
  • Shared Work space support

Platform Managers Shared work space reflects your production environment and enables you to make all changes and collaborate with other developers working on different applications that depend on your dashboard or report. Besides Qlik or SAP/BO applications you can also import every other file type and use these in Platform Manager. For MS Excel and ASCII based files Platform Manager offers a Compare function that compares 2 version of a file and shows the differences.

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