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Platform Manager for SAP / Business Objects

Platform Manager organizes and streamlines development of Business Objects universes and Reports and stimulates collaboration between developers by providing additional features that enable smooth development and encourage communication between all team members.

Platform Manager enforces a Development and Promotion process that minimizes faults or mistakes. BusinessObjects CMS’es are automatically synchronised by Platform Manager, making the latest versions of the Universes and Reports directly accessible to testers and Business users. Dependencies between Universes and Reports are immediately visible to everyone. Restoring a previous version of a Universe or Report in Production takes only a single click.

Release Management allows you to group Universes and Reports together and migrate them as a single unit. The benefit of this is that you can now migrate and restore an entire release of items that have been tested together. This can save you a lot of time sorting out which Report can run on which universe version.

By making every change traceable to who, when and what, Platform Manager ensures compliance with government and enterprise regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and Basel III. For auditors, it is invaluable to have the complete life cycle information archived for every Universe, Deski or WebI that ever existed.

SAP Business Objects
Quality control approved

Application Governance

Each BI Solution eventualy consists of 2 major components:

  • Data
  • BI Dashboard

While data governance is often covered with third party products, application governance is hardly ever handled at all. Of course, this is a relatively new market, but the results of your BusinessObjects dashboards are for a large part based on object definitions, variables and formulas that are all created by humans. What mechanism do you have in place to guarantee quality, to check consistency and to enforce your Business Rules? How do you ensure the latest version has been fully tested, before it’s being made available to your business users? Wouldn’t the lack of all of these features constitute a big gap in your quality control procedures?

Just have a quick look into what Platform Manager can do to help you.

Benefits of Platform Manager for BusinessObjects

  • Compare 2 Universe versions
  • Compare 2 Report versions
  • Insight in Universe-Report dependencies
  • Release Management
  • Impact Analyses
  • Single click rollback
  • DTAP in single or multiple CMS’es
  • Compare Excel or Text based files
  • Metadata Search

Platform Manager helps you to be compliant by supporting your Process of Development and Migration and by Auditing all events and every change made to Universes and Reports. Besides making these changes visible, auditors can also investigate who made a change, who tested it, who migrated it to Production etc.

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