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Improve Results, Reduce Costs

What Customers say

Platform Manager organizes and controls Development and Promotion of your BI applications with simple process steps. Result: Less failure, less risk and more time to analyze your data. Feature rich, easy to understand, simple to implement.

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Whether you develop a QlikView or Qlik Sense application, a Business Objects report or universe, it all comes down to what you deliver and how you deliver it. Platform Manager can help with both aspects, for instance by making dependencies visible and allowing you to promote those dependencies grouped in Releases.

“The ability to controll offshore and in-house development combined with integrated deployment capabilities was decisive to usePlatform Manager”
Bart Millecam, Honda
“With Platform Manager we are able to manage both QlikView and SAP/BO from a single Web Interface supporting our Custom Workflow process resulting in Cost savings and increased control.”
Ludo Geerts, HMEL
“Platform Manager helps us to reduce the number of incidents and quicker solve incidents. It also improved collaboration between internal and external developers by enforcing a version and change management process.”
Jeroen Frenken, Schiphol Airport
“Platform Manager simplifies managing the different versions of our Qlik Sense apps. It gives us control over Deployment of apps from Dev to Test & Production.
Magnus Larsson, Qlik
Platform Manager gives control on Deployment and enables us to define who is allowed to deploy apps to the different environments. For us it is a great advantage that it is adapted for use with Qlik Sense.”
Magnus Larsson, Qlik@Qlik
  • Seamless integration with Qlik Sense and QlikView
  • Easy to use, easy to install, immediate results
  • Web Interface for perfect Qlik Sense integration
  • Difference and Impact analyses
  • Deliver more changes in less time
  • Focus your test resources on the actual changes
  • Release Management with Dependencies tracker
  • One Solution for multiple BI Platforms
  • Enforce your Custom Workflow
  • Helps auditors with Compliancy
  • Enables Segregation of duties
  • Change Qlik Sense Library connections during Deployment

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