Platform Manager organizes Development and Migrations of BI solutions. For more information about this visit the specific pages for your BI Platform.

What makes Platform Manager unique is the knowledge it has of the artifacts that are managed by Platform Manager. This enables our Customers to run various analyses and even write their own Dashboards based on our Metadata repository. Not only does Platform Manager know all ins and outs of your application, it also registers every individual action that takes place on these items. This enables you to help your auditors with compliance, and it makes changes to new versions visible in the difference analyses reports.

Some examples of the analyses that you can run using Platform Manager:


  • Data Lineage – Visualizes all dependencies of a QVW or other file
  • Gloabl Search – Enables you to search for expressions, QVD usage and a lot more
  • Difference Analyses reports – Shows all differences between 2 versions
  • Healthcheck – Ability to check your applications against your own Business rules

Business Objects

  • Difference Analyses reports – Shows differences between 2 WebI or Deski reports
  • Impact Analyses – Determines the impact of an object change
  • Release Management – Enables you to build releases and migrate them to your Production server
  • Difference analyses – Shows differences between 2 universe versions

For more information request one of our brochures or ask for a live demo.

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